In 2001 TKI expanded its product lines when it incorporated the patented design of a side-mounted, boom mower. This mower, called the Tomcat, features a reach measuring 20 feet from the kingpin when attached to the side of the tractor. The Tomcat's reach-arm can rotate 90 degrees forward and 90 degrees to the rear of the kingpin support on the side of the tractor. The mower deck is also capable of tilting 200 degrees to meet the changing slope of any mowing path. Additionally, a retractable portion of the deck allows for mowing vegetation up to 8" in diameter while the deck is in the retracted position. This is a heavy, industrial-grade mower with a cutting head width of 5 feet.

Tomcat Boom Mower Image

"..the tractor-mower unit has always been in good mechanical operating condition; completely capable of meeting our needs. The actual unit operation has also been efficient and safe. We have not had any accidents."

-Alex Zarenko Director of Public Works/Parks & Recreation for Hampton Twp., PA

An independent mowing contractor who created, owned, and operated the Tomcat in Western Pennsylvania for over 10 years, is now working with TKI in developing new, industrial grade mowing devices.

Overview: View a larger image of The Tomcat Boom Mower!
  • Side mounted 20' boom mower
  • 5' cutting width
  • Deck tilts 200 degrees for slope mowing


  • Boom rotation of 180 degrees
  • Dependable parts supply and delivery of equipment
  • Front deck raises for cutting large vegetation

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